Zandie Khumalo reminisces on moment with her sister, Kelly Khumalo

Zandie Khumalo reminisces the about moment with her sister, Kelly Khumalo.

The sisters are part of the powerful vocalists in the South African industry but they grew to fall out which was hectic as it made headlines.

Weeks ago, Kelly hinted at their reconciliation on her reality TV show and Zandie further affirmed it as she recounts a beautiful story on Instagram.

“One day I will tell you guys my story about how we both entered Crux Gospel Star Search when I was 12 years old. We auditioned in different days and they didn’t know we were sisters until our mother brought us both for the next round the next day at the Crux offices,” she wrote.

“After the whole competition, I became number 5 and she got number 3, basically sehlulwa goes but Je akunalutho anongikhumbuza nginixoxele,” she added.

Followers gushed over the two with beautiful words.


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