Zakes Bantwini – “After 15 years of a career, I earn my first two awards”



Zakes Bantwini has taken to his social media to pen down appreciation message to his fans and followers after bagging an award at the SAMAs.

The star went on to thank everyone who helped in making his music, Osama as the song meant a lot to him and Kasango.

“First and foremost, I want to take this moment to thank everyone who was involved on the making of OSAMA, this song has meant a lot to Kasango & Myself, and to millions whom it’s reached around the world.”

Zakes expressed his disappointment towards SAMAs stating there is no integrity in the show.

“For over two decades The SAMAS have been the highest accolade that could be bestowed on South African artists, and have represented a standard of creative excellence, that marked the height of success to those in the creative sector. Regrettably the SAMAS have broken our trust, they have devalued the honour and prestige, which the awards once stood for, there is no integrity in the way at which the show is being produced, the planning, the awarding of artists & in extending the basic courtesy of RESPECT TO THE ARTIST!!!”

Zakes said he earned his first two awards after 15 years of his career and after over 28 nominations and years of being overlooked.

“After 15 years of a career I have given my life to, I earn my first two awards, after over 28 nominations and years of being overlooked I finally checked a major milestone in my career. Regrettably this year happens to be the lowest point of these awards and I receive these awards with a heavy heart, the lack of attendance by artists nominated is just one signs of what THE ARTISTS THINK OF SAMAS organisers and stakeholders!”

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