TNS plans to quit after being frustrated by record label

TNS opens up about the ill-treatment received from his record label.

The South African music producer pours out his frustration in a post shared on his Facebook account.

He claims that the label has refused him from releasing any music, and every attempt made it drop has proved futile.

“My Plan was to release September but this guy who is working for Sony, they say SPIRO doesn’t hear me, it’s been years I’m insulted by people about Music; some even say things that kills my mind because of this brother with whoever they are with to shape my future nok,” he wrote.

TNS said he has begged the person behind the release of his song but all has fallen to deaf ears.

The producer is pained as feeds his families and other people from the money he gets from making music.

“Let me continue releasing music, begging him as if he is my parent to come back to me, he is softer They say they got big plans for me while I was asking them only thing I need is to release, not even caring about how I live they taking advantage that I’m a hustler,” he wrote.

“I feel they want to see the end of their independence while seating with family They eat well when I see Surviving with releasing MUSIC🚶, not thinking or feeling for me, I FEED FAMILES, I DONATE IN SCHOOLS, I HAVE FAMILIES depending on me with money for music including my own FAMILY and extended families.”

Tns has the intention to quit as he is fed up of the struggle.

“He has been giving me no choice but to Quit with his actions and he’s team and I’ll never be up for t hat shit, she don’t live for me Alone, this is getting out of hands!”


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