“The disrespect,” Ma-E reacts to being labeled worst SA rapper of all time

Ma-E exudes disappointment and anger on Twitter after he was listed among the top  20 worst SA rappers of all time.

The list consists of rappers like L-Tido, Gigi Lamayne, Nadia Nakai, Lucasraps, Flvme, Boity and many others.

In response to the list, Ma-E said he is being disrespected by those who curated the list as he sacrificed a lot for the South African Hip Hop.

“The funny thing is y’all thinking this SA Hiphop would have existed without Ma-E and Ntukza being part of the 1st generation that made this genre fashionable EMAKASI! WOW THE DISRESPECT… They don’t call me Ma-Ezee does it for nothing… Fede S’saba Ganda NAMANJE,” he explained.

“I sacrificed and contributed a lot to SA HIPHOP to be disrespected by abafana abachel’ ingubo,” he added.


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