Tebogo Thobejane demands R500k and apology after being dragged for sleeping with the President

Tebogo Thobejane demands R500 000 from Innocentia Morolong who accused her of sleeping with the president and being a prostitute.

According to Sunday World, Tebogo who is an actress and businesswoman went legal against Inno who refused to refute her defamatory statements.

“The defendant’s statements are malicious and violated the dignity of the plaintiff, which the plaintiff is entitled to protect since it is not true that the plaintiff is a prostitute,” read the papers.

In March 2020, after the social media influencer accused Tebogo of sleeping with numerous men, she was ordered to take down the claims by Tebogo’s lawyers and apologize, but Inno refused.

“I will never apologise to Tebogo, we will go the legal route but she must know if she is wishing me jail, she is fooling herself because I won’t go to jail,” Inno wrote.

“She brings most of her man to [email protected]#$k her in her house upstairs … even her family knows but they can’t do anything about it because they need to eat. Upstairs there she [also] throws drug parties.”

Tebogo further revealed that Inno Morolong has no evidence against her.

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