Rapper Saudi – “I’m making more money now”

Saudi speaks about his survival after departing Ambitiouz Entertainment in a recent interview with the Drum.

According to the publication , the rapper enjoys being the boss of himself as he started an independent label named Ovloe Monoloply which he signed just himself.

Saudi says he’s making more money, though with more responsibilities.

“I am the only artist signed to the label because I believe in myself … Being my own boss put my career in my hands,” he says.

“I am making more money now. But I have way more responsibilities.”

Saudi believed the aftermath of his departure from the label was fair compared to a few artists who also left the label.

“There’s no need for me to speak ill of people. I would never want someone to betray my trust, hence I don’t do the same to them. Ambitiouz wasn’t a weird slave trade. I was getting paid good. I left on good terms because we had a good, professional relationship.”

“My biggest worry and anxiety was whether or not I had made the right decision, or will this work out and what if people shut doors at. What if bad things will be said and people won’t want to do business with me. But I found that none of that happened. It was all in my head, it doesn’t exist,” he says.

“That was a huge fear and again being young and being around people who have a passion for music kept me motivated.”

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