Prince Kaybee speaks on repossession of Artists belongings

Prince Kaybee says he’s been concerned about the recent trend of artists’ belongings being repossessed.

The music producer empathizes with these artists as some of them are the hope and pillars of their families.

“I’ve spent the last couple of days thinking about the recent moments in the media about artist belongings being repossessed. Some of these people are problem solvers, solution driven and a reflection of hope to their families,” he wrote.

Kaybee says it’s essential to keep a clean brand and avoid making wrong financial decisions as it results in being humiliated.

“My brand is not clean but thats where your financial health starts, having a clean brand so that no one can use anything against you even in the most crucial moments of success.”

“Secondly money is there to be SAVED and My heart goes out to everyone that have been publicly humiliated for making bad financial decisions. May y’all pick yourselves up and carry on to be winners in your respective fields,” he added.

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