Pearl Thusi – “Big Zulu catalyzed the revival of SA hip hop”

Pearl Thusi credits Big Zulu for the revival of SA Hip Hop.

The veteran actress gushes over the simultaneous occurrence of the rapper’s awakening of the hip hop genre and coronation of the Zulu King.

“Big Zulu catalyzing the revival of SA hip hop around the same time the Zulu King being coronated is kinda dope,” she wrote.

However, Pearl’s statement garnered lots of mixed reactions.

Technically @casspernyovest triggered this… when Biz Zulu was busy with Afro pop, Cassper touched a nerve when he spoke of who he inspired on that joint wit Ricky. It wasn’t a coincidence tht Zulu dropped when Cassper dropped PutYourhandsUp,” a Twitter user wrote.

“This is also true, but the Big Zulu moment has triggered more responses and conversation,” Thusi responded.

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