Official launch of the Ferguson Foundation is on the way – Connie reveals date

Connie Ferguson announces the launch date of the Ferguson Foundation.

The actress said the foundation which is to honour her late husband, Shona will be officially launched on the 8th of August 2022.

Nomfundo Moh will be performing at the launching; the venue and other details about the event were revealed on a flier which will be shared below.

T”hank you for your patience and support in the build-up to the big day and all the activities we have been undertaking,” Connie wrote.

“The Ferguson Foundation Gala Launch, in loving memory of our co-founder Shona Ferguson, will be held on Friday 5 August 2020. I am looking forward to having you join us in the fruition of this vision and celebration of the life of a true visionary of empowerment and upliftment.”

“Do check the details on the flier and make a date with us. You can also follow @fergusonfoundation for more details and updates as we mark new beginnings and in the enduring words of Mr Ferguson: “If I can motivate 1 person with this post, my job is done.It’s not about likes or comments. I just want to reach that one person who needs a little encouragement & say this to you. GOD LOVES YOU,” she concluded.

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