Nota’s mother confronts him following his comments on black women


Nota’s mother has called him out following his comments on black women.

The star is always attacking black women and it seems like his mother has decided to slam him and advise him.

Taking to Twitter, Nota shared a screenshot of the message his mother sent to him stating she confronted him and advised him to tone down his vocabulary when speaking to women.

Speaking to her son on WhatsApp, Nota’s mother said, “Hi, Nhlamu. How are you? Day before, we were watching your presentation with Nkululeko, but we didn’t finish. My child words that were not pleasant when expressing prostitution of someone. Calling prostitute sound as civilized than the word used. Try nwananga to avoid using vulgar language it loses credibility. You are intelligent, smart and educated. Love you so much. Have a blessed day.”

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