Nomfundo Moh receives beautiful gifts from Apple Music



Nomfundo Moh has taken to her social media to reveal she received an unimaginable gift from Apple Music.

The star said what they did to her can never be undone as she took a whole dat to process it.

Moh said she was rehearsing with her favorite band and within a twinkle of an eye, she was gufted with Apple watch and phone.

She said the gift has inspired her to push more.

Moh wrote: “What @applemusic did for me can never be undone😭🧡🥹took the whole day to process what happened yesterday.. It was just one of those amazing rehearsals with my fave band at @umgsa then ngabizwa eceleni for a few seconds, tadaaa I was gifted with @apple watch and phone, BHRENYU (brand new)🤌🏾🥹aah man! I am inspired to push even more… Feeling appreciated just gives one that extra drive to keep on working and aim for greater heights💫🤍 NGIYABONGA🌻”

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