Nasty C expreses excitement over watching a Live football match

Nasty C narrates an exciting story of how he lost interest in soccer to become a musician.

The story was triggered after being invited to watch a football match live in a stadium in Los Angeles.

So look.. growing up, My dad & @tevywevy33 were @orlandopirates fans & them being the 2 coolest male figures in my life, BY DEFAULT I became a fan too & w me being so different from everyone around me I thought 4sure that was the 1 thing that we could bond over, also coz we were the only pirates fans in the house… then 1 day when I was about 13yrs old or so, my dad had 3 tickets to watch @orlandopirates play & I had no doubt in my mind I was about to have the best time of my life with big bro & pops.. but instead I GOT SNUBBED  & they took my other brother @siyabonga4117 instead, who was a @kcfcofficial fan & DIDNT EVEN CARE ABOUT SOCCER!! KAIZER WASNT EVEN PLAYING THAT DAY!!!!”

“Lmao I had a lump in my throat that whole day & since then I just didn’t give a FUCK about soccer.. AT ALL. I skipped all my practice sessions & stuck to the one thing they both didn’t respect or approve. Yes nigga, I was bitter, I was hurt!!! Fast forward over a decade later, all the way across the planet I get invited to watch a live game 4 THE FIRST TIME EVER!! By @domani who by the way, is the son of the guy WHO MADE ME WANNA RAP.. how fuckn crazy is that smh. Maaan.. anyway, I didn’t mean to get that deep, its just that the kid in me wants to hold this L up to @tevywevy33 & pops’ face. Lmao with love tho. Thanks bro @domani that shit was special to me dawg. AND @murdabeatz & @ellamai were right there with us!!”

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