Nadia Nakai reacts to AKA tipping a waitress R1k

Nadia Nakai reacts to her boyfriend, AKA tipping a waitress R1000 after spending over R2k at the restaurant.

Days ago, Bragga shared a video of her date with Kiernan on Tik Tok; the two took their date to The Test Kitchen Carbon in Rosebank.

She showed off the food they had and revealed that food is one of their love languages.

“That’s me and baby looking all cute because we so in love. Food is actually how we express our love language. It is our love language,” she said in her voice-over.

The bill from the restaurant was R2996, and AKA further tipped the waitress R1k which amounted to R4k.

Nadia appears not cool with the tip as she claimed it was too expensive.

“Bae trying to tip them a thousand rand. I said hold up, wait, we gave them a good tip but not R1000,” she said.

Tik Tok users reacted to the video; some wished they were working in the hotel while a few others gushed over their relationship.

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