Moshe Ndiki welcomes a new baby


Moshe Ndiki has announced his newest addition to his family.

The star has revealed that he has a new puppy and he is so excited.

Recall in June, Moshe lost his puppy and he was heartbroken over his untimely loss.

Taking to his Facebook to share the sad news he wrote “I’ve been going through the most the past 2 days, trying to put it aside just for me to work and we’ll just work and saying to myself I’ll grieve on Sunday, baby I love you so much @sugarndiki. I love you and hope the other side treats you well, glad to have loved you, known you, and been your dad and mom,” he wrote.

Well, he has gotten a new puppy and is already living soft as they went to breakfast together joined by Vuyo Ngcukana and a friend.

“Welcome home baby, thank you Mabongs. Sweetness Sulezinyembezi Ndiki 1st stop – Breakfast at Tasha’s in Sandton,” he captioned the post.

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