Moonchild Sanelly reacts after being dragged for singing about chicken and egg

Moonchild Sanelly reacts after Twitter users dragged her for singing about chicken and egg in her song titled, Phases.

The singer defended herself against trolls by saying she’s strategic about her music as she aims at making money.

She told people to learn from her; “the way I make money u should learn something.”

Another tweep came at her by saying the song isn’t good, though it’s easy money.

“We know it’s easy making money with almost anything , but it doesn’t mean it’s good music Moon. Ndicela I R2000 nono,” tweep wrote.

In response, Moonchild said: “Storytelling baby and marketing! I don’t Wana break our friendship and to protect it I CANNOT GIVE U MONEY! Ur worth way more to me baby.”

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