Mome Mahlangu remembers Riky Rick 6 months after passing


Mome Mahlangu has revealed that she misses the late rap and fashion icon Riky Rick who passed on in February after committing suicide in his home.

The death of the rapper left many numb and some haven’t recovered to date.

Taking to Instagram, Mome shared photo of herself with Riky as she recount on so of the beautiful memories they had together.

“Rikhado I believe Life was better when we had nothing but our crazy thoughts and ashy elbows everything seemed possible but mostly we were happy with no fame but colourful clothes”

“On this day at your mumdukes house we were listening to fish&chips mixtape in your cottage ,listening to your plan on taking The hip hop game u had a wild and loud mind but made it possible , I miss your voice , patty fights I haven’t had in a long time cause no other younger brother like u , as sensitive as you were u carried a load for the public but I assumed u were finally happy …”

Mome said after six month, she still feels he will come back for one of his trips.

“6 months still feels like you will come back from 1 of your trips after a while … Love u always , something cuts deep thinking of u , I try to believe that we will be together one day then hits deeper , I miss your voice and the crazy things that always came out of it , it’s painful daily …I love you sis @thesecretlifeof_b we soldier with Love and Prayer…”

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