Lady Du – “I have never submitted any of my music to the samas”


Lady Du has taken to her Twitter to share her views regarding the SAMA ceremony.

The star said that some of them do not get to perform at the SAMA because they already know who was going to get it.

In her words, Lady Du stated that everything feels like a set up and she won’t keep quiet because she doesn’t work for people that control her brand.

“Do you know why a lot of us didn’t go or even perform there? Because we already knew who was going to get what!!! The set up was too obvious Stay woke niyeke ukus yenza amabari! Mina I don’t keep quite because I don’t work for people that control my brand! I’m independent.” 

Lady Du also suggested that Musa Keys and Nivo may have purchased their South African Music Award.

“I would like to ask if nepotism works also at award ceremonies????? How does a person get a tender for organising artists to perform on stage, then the artist he is managing gets the biggest award of the night??? I want to know because Nina niya thula e South Africa??? Mina ngeke”

She said she has never submitted any of her music to the SAMAs more reason why she has never been nominated.

“I have never submitted any of my music to the samas, that is why I’ve never been nominated, side note this has nothing to do with winning or losing, how are you the creative director that manages the artists that were performing and won awards on the show you’re directing is my Q”





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