King Monada invents new means of transportation due to fuel hike (Video)

King Monada shows off his new invention which was triggered by the fuel hike in South Africa.

In recent times, people have taken to different social media platforms to express their pain at the high cost of petrol in the country; Sizwe Dhlomo went as far as sharing a video of the pump price, and called out EFF leader Julius Malema to help out.

However, Monada tried providing a solution instead of wailing on social media as he shared a video of himself calmly sited at the back of her newly constructed truck which is small in size as it can contain a passenger.

Due to the highest price of petrol, I have decided to mind my own business,” he captioned the video where he was seen enjoying his ride.

Take a look at the hilarious video below – What do you think? Will you board this car?

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