Khanyi Mbau writes gratitude letter to herself



Khanyi Mbau appreciates herself in a recent post shared on social media.

The star wrote a touching letter, appreciating herself for being a strong woman, and for her growth.

Khanyi however, shared a video of herself encouraging herself on how she has held on to so many things.

She said: “Hello my name is Khanyi Mbau and I am on young, famous, and African. Dear Khanyi Mbau, I look at you and wow. I mean it wow! You are the very person that you have set out to become and even more. Honestly, dude like, you are dope.

“You know you bring tears to my eyes just looking at all that you’ve been through. I admire how you live so loudly and you love so boldly as if you’ve never been hurt before. Thank you for being patient with me, with us. I know I have judged you for your honest opinion but you’ve never given us an opportunity to just think of bailing out. Your fire towards life is electric. You touch everyone whether good or bad. I couldn’t have chosen a better host than you and for this, I say thank you. With love from me , Khanyi Mbau”

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