Katlego Maboe shares his ‘darkest’ moment during emotional return to TV – Video


Katlego Maboe has brought tears to South Africans following the release of its special episode of The Expresso Morning Show.

The star returned to the morning show two years after taking time off to “focus on personal matters that stemmed from allegations of abuse against him” by his former partner Monique Muller.

In the lengthy video, Maboe discussed overcoming hardships, working on himself, and, figuring out how to move on feeling stronger than ever.

One of the underlying themes of his return was the gratitude he felt toward his colleagues, his family, and the public for keeping him going.

“I was very fortunate that village for me existed not only in my close circle of family and friends but even stretched outside to the social media world,” Maboe said before acknowledging the numerous messages of support he received daily.

“I am ever so grateful. If it weren’t for those people who every day were saying, ‘come back; we’ve got you; you can do this, I definitely would not be where I am right now.”

Watch video in full below:

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