Jub Jub accused of promoting violence on Uyajola 9/9

Jub Jub has been warned against promoting violence on his show, Uyajola 9/9.

The recent episodes portray the show presenter inciting violence by refusing to stop the casts from fighting.

Narrating the incident, the South Afican publication wrote, “A woman named Precious catches her boyfriend Katlego returning from a romantic getaway with his lover. Whilst initially struggling to get the man to cooperate and communicate with the camera crew, Jub Jub then instructs a member of his team to invade the vehicle and force the couple out.”

“The scorned woman attacks her cheating partner and his mistress and humiliates them by throwing their food and luggage on the floor. She also throws vandalises the vehicle by throwing bricks at the windows.”

“But whilst Precious runs rampant with her attacks, bodyguards prevent her boyfriend Katlego and his lover from retaliating.  Jub Jub also confiscates the keys to the vehicle, which Katlego has to beg for to be returned.”

Another episode saw a “Congolese man Johnson ambush his cheating girlfriend Monica in the gym with her beefy side-piece. A full-blown fistfight ensues with the woman’s lover calling out Johnson for having a small manhood.”

Viewers who are also Twitter users expressed disgust at the violence exuded on the show without Jub cautioning them.

Radio/TV personality, Andile Ncube wrote, “One day a smart lawyer will watch this show and reach out to the many unwilling participant who get restrained, held and forced to stay put against they will by bodyguards. I’d be a fly on the wall to hear what the law would say.”

@_charityr: “I honestly don’t like what Jub Jub’s people are doing. The fact that they leave this girl to moer the other girl but immediately when she retaliates, they withhold her”

@SomeonesSon11: “Today’s episode proves Jub Jub condones GBV when it’s done by women. He condones violence when men are on the receiving end. If the tables were turned, and a man found his girl cheating and decided to beat the girl and damage her car, his guards would manhandle him.

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