Jojo Robinson opens up about her abdominoplasty and liposuction procedure


Jojo Robinson took to her social media to open up about her abdominoplasty and liposuction procedure.

In the post she shared, the reality TV star recently went under the knife to remove fat from certain areas of her body and reshape it.

Jojo admitted that the process was painful as she documented her experience.

She shared the procedure she was doing; “I’m doing a abdominoplasty with lipo (mini tummy tuck basically).” Reflecting on the surgery, Jojo he was finally able to shower 5 days later after the surgery.

“5 days post though and I’m slowly feeling more human.. I managed to finally shower last night for the first time since surgery ( I wasn’t able to because of the foam wrap around my stomach and the blood pipe coming out my hip) I was also able to come off the morphine painkillers and switch to just normal myprodol. I’m still extremely swollen and I can’t really do much, but the best part for me is that each day I’m better then the day before. The wrap I still have to wear for the next 5 weeks is extremely uncomfortable and I’m also still stuck wearing the ugliest compression socks to help with blood flow for the next week.. But we move… upwards and onwards and one day closer to the sexiest Jojo that ever lived,” she captioned a post.

She also admitted that the procedure was painful “The pain is quite bad, I’m not going to lie. But you manage it as long as you take your painkillers. Getting up and down is very difficult.”

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