“It’s sad to watch” – Nota Baloyi calls out his wife, Berita


Nota Baloyi has taken to his social media to call out his ex-wife, Berita.

This is coming after the Afro-soul singer announced a few months ago that she and Nota have called it quits.

However, it seems the issue is still on as Nota has once again made some disturbing remarks  about his wife, Berita Soul. He accused her of financial and emotional abuse and many other things saying she is also narcissistic.

“It’s tough being a man… I spoke about MY gaslighting, financial, emotional & narcissistic abuse at the hands of @beritaafrosoul but nobody batted an eye-lid because she’s a woman & we live in a world where black men seemingly deserve to be raped & abused!”

Nota is not feeling the new Berita, who he labels a slay queen, saying he saw how her self-esteem dipped, but now that they are separated, she has gained it back.

“I married her because she is different but two years in lockdown made her lose her self-esteem & now she’s faking confidence by trying to be a slay queen. It’s sad to watch but she’s my wife, I will stand by her no matter what the devil may do to make me turn on her. I got faith!”

“Thank you for making @beritaafrosoul’s stage name trend as well. She would get very jealous every time I’m trending & she isn’t. What a thoughtful gesture, please don’t forget to pray for her soul to be relieved of the evil spirits that have possessed her, if you know & love her!”

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