Inno Sadiki bags her first Netflix gig


Inno Sadiki has bagged her first Netflix gig and she is over the moon.

The reality star is in a film called The Throne and it just got on the international streaming platform.

She and The Wife actor Sipho Ndlovu lead the film and she said she’s proud of her excellent performance.

Inno plays Mahlatse who supports her husband to be king and she spoke to Daily Sun about the show.

“I’m still trying to process it. It really feels great and worth it. It just puts that mark and validation to say I’m walking in purpose and living in it. And it feels good to have these celebrations because sometimes it gets tiring and such things revive your spirit and energy”

Inno also shared what the film , which also David Mello, Charles Maja and the late Candy Moloi is about.

“It’s about sons of a king who are fighting for the throne, and I am the wife of one of the sons. They just want to take over the family name, dynamics and want to rule and reign over the entire community” she said.”

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