“I don’t care if my career ends,” Sir Trill on releasing his debut album

Sir Trill is set to take the risk of dropping his debut album, Ghost, despite threats from unidentified people.

The Amapiano star ought to have released the album in 2021 but got delayed due to some processing.

In 2021, the vocalist apologised to fans for the delay and revealed that some people who are at the top of the food chain in the music industry are behind the delay of the album.

A few months ago, he returned to speak about the album release but hopes to faint again.

On Friday, Sir Trill returned on social media saying he will drop the album this time around, though it might lead to the end of his career.

“Don’t care how much you try to shut me out. I did my thing, changed this whole game and made it possible for kids to feed their families. Kids came in just like me and did what I do. And I will always applaud them and not shut then out,” he wrote.

“I’m dropping this project for my people, no matter how you try to silent or kill my career. I did nothing to y’all,”

“To all my people who love Sir Trill, I’m dropping this shit.”

“I will never have a big head, I was never gonna be who am I without y’all for real, I am nothing without y’all; but I don’t care if my career ends.”

“I shared what I know, I am a fucking young legend already,: he concluded.

DJ Maphorisa has been presumed by some South Africans to be one of the persons behind the delay of Sir Trill’s album.

However, Trill is yet to be detailed about the problem he has with his career and album.

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