How to resize & merge your Canadian Visa documents

When you submit the Canadian Visa application online, be aware that the size of any document that you upload must not exceed 4MB.

If you’re having trouble keeping the size of your files within limits, here are some suggestions for combining with, reducing, or converting the size of your files.

Format PDF:

Recreate the file using the “smallest file size” option

Save images using resolutions of up to 96 DPI (dots in an inch)

– Eliminate images that aren’t needed

JPG Format:

– Scan the documents in lower resolution

– Get rid of empty spaces around the images.

– Reduce the images

– Reduce JPG image quality

TIFF/PNG format:

– Scan documents at a lower resolution

– Crop the image to get rid of any space

– Shrink image

– Save files using JPG format

DOC/DOCX format:

– Eliminate unwanted images, formatting, and macros

Save the file to a current Word version

Reduce the size before adding them to the docs

To join, convert, compress or merge PDF documents, you can also use any of the methods mentioned above.

– I love PDF

– Small PDF

– PDF2Go

– Soda PDF

– Online2PDF

– Adobe

Disclaimer Be careful when using free online platforms to store confidential documents.

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