Gigi Lamayne writes touching birthday note to her dad

Gigi Lamayne takes to social media to celebrate her father whose birthday is today.

The rapper revealed how supportive her dad is and she credited her existence and success to him.

“I was broken…. Sick and scared. You taught me about being African and that it was and still is a super power. I have seen my dreams come to life Mkhulu. You were patient with my spirit. Very volatile yet powerful and you spoke to it and to me,” she wrote.

“Today I am who I am because of you. Thokoza Gobela lam. Munt omdala, dlozi Elihle. Happy birthday dad. May we continue spreading the word around idlozi and about God and his children in Africa !! Have a happy birthday. We love you.”

Check out the family photos Gigi shared on Instagram below:

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