Craig Lucas opens up about his battle with mental health


Craig Lucas has taken to his social media to share his thoughts and feelings about his battle with mental health.

Recall, in 2018, the star had taken to Facebook to share that he has been dealing with depression before publicly coming out as gay for the first time since being famous.

In a recent post, Craig said that he feels the way he felt two years ago before he’d received his diagnosis and started his medication.

The Happy singer’s lengthy post comes a day after performing at a sold-out concert called An Ode To Women: The Queens Ball at the Grand Arena, Cape Town.

The Smother singer revealed that while he was grateful for the support, he feels “so empty.”

“I’ve been feeling like this for weeks now. I thought was ok. I rushed back into releasing music, being active on social media, doing interviews, university, all of it. Maybe I was trying to distract myself. But it’s caught up.

“Nothing feels good anymore. I’m overwhelmed and I’m exhausted. I’m having to fight off thoughts of suicide almost every day now. And it’s getting harder and harder. I’ve managed to stay clean of drugs and alcohol for almost 6 months now and I’m so proud of myself. But the compulsive thoughts are getting stronger and stronger. And I’m feeling weaker and weaker,” Craig wrote.

“Luckily after last night’s show I’ll be a little more financially stable and can start seeing my therapist again. And take some time to heal. I know all of this sounds negative. And firmly believe that we must speak positively over our lives. So I’ll say that I know I’ll be ok,” he explained.

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