Bontle Modiselle learns pole dancing (Video)

Bontle Modiselle who is one of the best choreographers in South Africa has returned to being a student as she learns pole dancing.

Taking to social media, the dancer shared a video clip revealing how she was practicing with her teacher.

She then expressed her thoughts about the new training she kicked off.

“Pole dancing is beautiful! Hats off to me, I’m really proud of what I managed to achieve in my first session!”

“It feels great being a student again. Being on the other side for a change, being challenged, and moving my body in ways I’ve never done before. It’s insane the physical, mental and emotional rollercoaster you go through but man it’s worth it.”

“To be guided by an excellent teacher like @gravitygoddessza is magical. I told her this afternoon at our second session that this is the sexiest military experience of all time  To Anyone who has aspirations of doing this, Please find your way to her. It’s everything and more!”

Watch the video below:

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