Big Zulu – Emtee did a big thing for Ambitouz and SA music

Big Zulu speaks highly of Emtee after dissing him on 150 Bars diss track which was released a few days ago.

The iMali Eningi hitmaker whose real name is Nene Siyabonga trolled the Mercedes Benz tattoo on Emtee’s neck, and it got the Trap king wondering if chasing clout is a means to revive SA Hip Hop.

In a live chat on Instagram, Big Zulu applauded Emtee’s contribution to their former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, and SA music.

“Emtee did a big thing for Ambitouz, he did a great job  not just for the label but for the music in SA. But because as people we don’t have the same heart, there are those with dark hearts. He did an amazing job, I’m not fighting with him or stirring up something. He is a guy that I love, and admire. Not the others. For instance, now I’m trending for something beautiful that I’ve done. SA is on a standstill, Hip-hop is standing up.”

“Let’s grow as artists, that’s all I’m asking. To those who are growing in the industry, let’s try to learn from the mistakes made. There are many mistakes as artists that were made, I’m not saying I don’t have mistakes. I’m not setting myself aside, I also have my own mistakes but Im someone who has a heart who loves giving advice and helping people. Whether you love or hate me I don’t care but I know deep down the person that I am,” he said.

Emtee has no interest in responding to the diss track, but K.O, Duncan and a few other have and will respond.

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