Bianca on surviving after Riky’s death – “The kids also give me a lot of strength”

Bianca Naidoo opens up on how she’s been surviving 6 months after the death of her husband, Riky Rick.

In February 2022, the rapper took his life in the studio; the news of his passing left many numb, shocked and heartbroken.

While the family and friends he left behind are trying the heal, the wife of the deceased opened up recently on how she’s been surviving, and how the kids have been a pillar of strength to her.

Bianca has an eight-year-old son named Maik who she shared with the rapper and a daughter named Jordan from a previous relationship.

“Some days are easier than others. I manage with such an amazing support structure around me, and the kids also give me a lot of strength. The days when I’m not okay, I allow myself to be not okay,” she said.

“I was very open from the beginning, from day one, about what happened to dad, I talk a lot with children, I listen a lot. Now they are comfortable expressing themselves and they both process in their own way. They know that if they have questions, they can come and ask and talk about it, and I think they’re both there. It’s just a matter of me being honest,” she continued.

Riky Rick was a family man and greatly loved by many.



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