Actress Busi Lurayi found dead in her daughter’s room (More details)

Busi Lurayi was found dead in her daughter’s room after she was excused from set for not feeling well.

The actress’ aunt, Sonti Lurayi revealed that Busi’s father found her lifeless body in her daughter Ayana’s room on Sunday night.

“Busisiwe was excused from tset due to not being well. After not returning to work, colleagues tracked down the family. Once her dad was notified he immediately went to Busisiwe’s house where he found her in her daughter’s room.”

“He called the police who summoned paramedics. . Busi was declared dead at 11.15 pm. The family is devastated,” Sonti told TshishaLIVE.

The family is still waiting for the autopsy report which has been delaying them from making major decisions.

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