Is your Canadian Immigration Agent Licensed?

Do you know whether the company or person who is paying to assist you in completing the processing of your Canadian Visa Application is licensed or not?

In Canada, Citizenship and Immigration representatives are permitted to:

  • Give advice and explanations regarding your citizenship or immigration options
  • to assist you in choosing the most suitable immigration program.
  • Fill out and send in your citizenship or immigration application
  • Contact your representatives with the Government of Canada on your behalf.
  • can represent you during the process of submitting an application for citizenship or immigration or in a hearing
  • claim that they can provide advice on citizenship or immigration

If you are planning to pay someone to help submit the application for a visa to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), make sure that you’re working with a legitimate authorized representative who which is not A.O.J. S.O.J (fake representative).

Representatives are of various types.

There are two kinds of representatives:

  • Paid (must be approved) and
  • Unpaid

Paid authorized representatives:

For Canadian immigration, authorized and paid representatives are:

  • Canadian Law firms
  • CICC consultants or companies (Registered/Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultants)
  • Paralegals, or
  • Lawyers/Notaries in Quebec.

IRCC has no issues with agents who’ve imposed fees but aren’t licensed. If you employ a non-authorized representative either in Canada or elsewhere, IRCC has said your application might be rejected or rejected. Information is available here.

If you plan to pay in exchange for any Canadian visa services, It must be through an approved representative. Only authorized representatives are permitted under Canadian law to charge fees for services related to visa applications.

  • Suppose the representative you have authorized is a law firm licensed within Ontario, in the province of Ontario. In that case, You can verify whether they’re licensed on the Law Society of Ontario website here.
  • Should the law Firm be licensed in a different province, search for the website of the law society of the province; they are licensed in Canada and determine whether they’re licensed in that province.
  • If your “Agent” calls themselves a “Consultant,” they should be a licensed or registered CICC Consultant, and you can confirm the certification of any certified Consultant on this page.

Ask the person you are contacting for your number, which is RCIC or License Number. Use that to search the above links.

The following is an overview of a few pay (licensed) licensed representatives (law consulting firms as well as consultants) who you can call for assistance with professional applications:

The information is intended as a service to users, and it should not be taken as a signifying the association of this website with the businesses identified.

Simply click on any one of these listed organizations, and you’ll be able to view their contact details as well as how to reach them regarding their services.

Unpaid authorized representatives:

Representatives who are not paid could include:

  • Family members
  • Friendships and
  • Other Third parties that don’t have to pay a fee

They could provide exactly the same service as paying reps; however, they offer it at no cost.

Beware of scams

You are responsible for the information on the application form, regardless of whether a representative is completing it for you.

Beware of representatives who

  • They advertise their services as free but later demand a fee
  • We advise you to lie about your application

It’s illegal to lie or provide false information on your application.

If you’re unable to pay money to an unauthorized agent or representative, it’s feasible. But if they force the rejection of your application or result in you receiving an inadmissibility decision (A.K.A Visa exclusion), This is more serious.

They’ll move on to another victim and let you hang.

I’ve seen it quite often!

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